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In a Roundabout Way: Construction on Campus

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
August 18, 2010

The new roundabout at the junction of North Drive and Main Street is nearing completion and will be finished by the time students return to campus at the end of August. North Drive leads to the Thompson School of Applied Science and the Gables, a student housing complex.

The change in the street design will help reduce traffic on Main Street. According to the campus master plan, the fourth arm of the roundabout will run along the back of Bremner Field near the shot-put area. South Drive will connect to McDaniel Drive via the south underpass.

“We will be adding good signage as you approach the roundabout, and landscaping,” says Doug Bencks, director of Campus Planning. “The fence and walkway also will be complete before students return.”

The walkway continues work done along the road in 2008 that redesigned Main Street from Pettee Lane to the railroad bridge. Travel lanes were reduced to 11 feet, creating five-foot wide bike lanes on both sides.

The bike lanes and the walkway, made of permeable pavement, have been added from the bridge to West Edge Drive. T

In other construction news, the parking lot at the Elliot Alumni Center, also made of permeable pavement (http://unh.edu/news/campusjournal/2010/Aug/04lot.cfm), has been finished and the small lot next to Hood House is being redone using porous pavers.

At the Paul Creative Arts Center, the entrance area is getting a facelift; pavers and new landscape are being added. There will also be a piece of public art in the courtyard.

“We’re going through the process now to make that happen,” Bencks says. “We’re following the university’s public art policy.”

Additionally, new trees are being planted around campus, in some cases replacing those downed during the 2009 windstorm. A row of evergreens is being planted behind the president’s house, one of the hardest-hit areas, to create a new privacy barrier.

Trees are being planted around Scott Hall, located between Congreve and Smith; Philbrook Dining Hall on McDaniel Drive; and around C lot on Mill Road.






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