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Peep Contest Draws Creative Entries on Health

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
April 28, 2010

Kripeeplu Yoga. Christina Rowland, staff, took first place in the individual category with her yoga studio diorama.

Peeps, those marshmallow treats that show up at Easter, (and now Halloween and Christmas) invaded the MUB last week, spreading their message of good health. There were Peeps doing yoga and playing sports: basketball, foosball and soccer. Peeps canoeing and fishing; enjoying themselves at a playground; lifting weights. Even Peeps dressed in camo on a fitness course for U.S.P.C. (US Peeps Corps).

It was all part of a contest sponsored by the Discovery Program's University Dialogue, Residential Life, and Health Services. "Peep Show: Peep Your Way to Health," challenged faculty, staff and students to create dioramas showing what being healthy meant to them. They could use any theme to reflect any one of the eight components to wellness: environmental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, occupational, social and intellectual.

But they had to use Peeps to do it.

Sixteen dioramas were entered in the contest that aims to become an annual event.
First place in the individual category went to staff member Christina Rowland for "Kripeeplu Yoga." She wrote: "Kripeeplu Yoga is the yoga of consciousness. Kripeeplu puts great emphasis on proper breath, alignment, coordination of breath and movement, and 'honoring the wisdom of the peep.' Peeps work according to the limits of their individual flexibility and strength. Using this form of yoga peeps create a harmonic relationship with breath and life, strength and flexibility, and live mindfully."

Rowland won a $150 gift card.

Student Annie Seekins submitted "Muscle Building 'Mallows" to become the individual runner up. She won a $50 gift card. Her diorama showed Peeps lifting weights, running on the treadmill and doing push-ups.

The group grand prize went to "Ballin? With the Peeps?" by occupational therapy students Kayley Herman, Jess Scialabba, Crystal Reid, Shelby Taylor and Alyssa Curcio. (Prize: a pizza, sub or ice cream sundae party).

"Ballin? With the Peeps?" shows people of various abilities playing basketball in front of a grandstand full of fans. Check out the cheerleader Peeps.

Ballin’ With the Peeps: group grand prize.

Another group of students from occupational therapy took the group runner up category to win a private group yoga class. "A Peep Into Nature" was made by Megan Murnane, Lisa Granwehr, Alicia Zajac, Sam Smith and Lauren Campbell.

Peeps canoeing and fishing in “A Peep into Nature,” the 2nd place winner in the group division.

While there are many aspects of health, "A Peep Into Nature" shows the importance of play and leisure. The entrants wrote: "Having the opportunity to enjoy nature with others leads to a healthy mind, body and spirit."

“Everyone Can Play” was submitted by Jessica Floyd, Jen Acheson, Jamie Uhlman, Kerri Murphy, Melanie Lockhart, also occupational therapy students.
“Sunshine is the best medicine.” Submitted by Beth Gachowski, Tracy Gagnon and Alice Snow, Team Sunshine at CSDC. They wrote: “Head out into the sun to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! Not too much and not too little! Good for your all around health to hit the beach and exercise or meditate! Use our natural environment to your benefit! Sunshine is the best medicine.”

Student Thomas Vassillion created "Saving the World One Peep at a Time." He wrote: "The United States Peep Corp requires their Peeps to stay physically and mentally fit. U.S. Peeps, like civilian peeps, use physical activity as a way to stay physically fit and mentally ready to tackle any situation they encounter in everyday life. U.S. Peeps know that it is not just about having a hard body that makes someone healthy."

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