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Letter to the Editor

April 14, 2010

I saw the white ribbon item in the Campus Journal, on April 7.

My understanding is that women are as, and, some studies show, *more* violent towards men than vice versa.  You could contract one of our own professors, Murray Strauss, to confirm that finding.  Men are unfairly demonized as violence perpetrators because they’re generally bigger and stronger.  Quite often, women use weapons to offset that advantage.  Other studies show that men are victims of violence at twice the rate that women are.  Other, more recent studies show that most boys and men are victims of either physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives.  Other statistics show the women are more often physically violent towards children than men are.

The studies are clear, really.   But, it’s not politically correct to refer to them in a climate where our concern, and media attention, is focused almost exclusively on women as victims, and men as perpetrators.  That’s simply flat-out misinformation that maintains unfair and damaging stereotypes of men.

Thank you.

Mike Gauthier
Technical Services,
Dimond Library.

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