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Survey Says UNH Doing Fine

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
September 30, 2009    

Results from the employee survey conducted during early 2009 reveal that, overall, faculty and staff members are very satisfied with the working conditions at UNH.

The outcome was reviewed Monday during an informational session for key governance groups and commissions at the MUB led by John Baird, senior partner with Baird Borling Associates, administrators of the workplace survey.

“Overall, the administration is very pleased with the overall positive results,” said Sharon Demers, assistant vice president of human relations. “Obviously there are areas we can work on. In a couple of years, we’ll do another survey to see how we’ve progressed.”

The poll presented 73 questions covering 13 areas, with the opportunity for participants to provide additional comments.

Response rates were compared to 30 other institutions. At UNH, 303 faculty members took the online or paper survey while 1,394 staffers answered the questions. On a scale of one to seven, faculty rated their overall satisfaction with the university at 5.67, well above the 4.93 norm among colleagues at other schools while, on the same scale, the staff rating was 5.61, compared to a norm of 4.74.

Because the number of responding UNH faculty was under the average of slightly more than 50 percent (UNH faculty participation equaled 30 percent) Baird said it wasn’t possible to project an average for all UNH faculty members but “what 300 faculty members think is important information.”

A sense of accomplishment generated by the work they do, and working conditions received high marks from both faculty and staff as did the areas of retention, diversity and supervision.

Almost all employees indicated people seem to like working at UNH and that coworkers treat each other with courtesy and respect. The benefits package provided by the university also received praise. And, overall communication from the university to faculty and staff was rated as functioning effectively.

Areas that need attention were identified by both groups as workloads, compensation and communication across departments.

Many of the 303 faculty members (47 percent compared to 21 percent of the staff) indicated they have too much work or that there are not enough people in their group to get the work done.

While 46 percent of the polled faculty said they feel the university’s compensation is competitive for the work they do, 58 percent of the 303 disagreed that people are rewarded for performing well.

At 51 percent, more than half of the 1,394 staff agreed they are well compensated while only 35 percent thought they are not rewarded for their performance.

The survey results have been discussed with the President’s Cabinet, Deans and RC Unit Heads and each has been provided results for their respective areas. 

“During the next several months it is our expectation that  discussion of the results will take place at a campus and departmental level to develop action plans to address issues that need improvement,”  said Dick Cannon, vice president for finance and administration.

To view the full report go to http://www.unh.edu/hr/workplace-survey/UNH-Workplace-Survey-Results.htm

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