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RCM Review Process and What You Can Do

September 30, 2009    

The following memo announces a review of Responsibility Center Management (RCM) that begins immediately. Your participation is vital to a successful review. Meetings are currently being scheduled with the Faculty Senate, the Responsibility Center unit heads, the Business Service Center directors, the staff councils and the Student Senate to gather input. Individuals are encouraged to participate via an online survey available at: http://survey.unh.edu/surveycat/surveys/survey741_rcmreview.htm. The review process is detailed in the memo.

To:       All Members of the UNH Community
From:   John Aber, University Professor and Provost
            Dick Cannon, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Date:    September 30, 2009
RE:      2009/2010 Review of RCM at UNH

As you know, UNH implemented Responsibility Center Management (RCM) in FY01 to improve the incentives for sound fiscal management and to help all levels of university management make informed financial decisions about activities in support of the university’s mission.

The five-year review of RCM conducted in FY06 confirmed that RCM had broad support from the UNH community and had served UNH well in many areas, while also raising questions that led to some adjustments within the budget structure. During the past few years, UNH has experienced changes in key leadership positions, is in the final stage of developing a strategic plan and has commissioned several studies including the Blue Ribbon Panel on Research, the President’s Panel on Intercollegiate Athletics, Healthy UNH, NEASC accreditation, and the UNH/Franklin Pierce Law Center integration. With all of these changes, it is appropriate to review, and perhaps refine, RCM to ensure that our financial resources are aligned with the vision and goals of the University. 

President Mark Huddleston has approved a review of RCM to commence immediately and conclude by March 15, 2010.  The goals of this review are to:

  • Ensure that the RCM model provides appropriate incentives for UNH to achieve the goals outlined in the university’s forthcoming strategic plan and achieve its mission;

  • Simplify the RCM model wherever possible;

  • And, provide flexible funding for new initiatives identified in the strategic plan.

The Central Budget Committee will conduct the review, and the review process will be chaired by both of us. The other members of the Central Budget Committee are:

Deb Bronson – director of Finance of Information Technology (staff representative)
Lindsay Fanning - chair of the Student Fee Oversight Committee
Dan Innis - dean of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics
Joe Klewicki – dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Michael Middleton – associate professor of education and department chair
Jennifer Murray – vice president for University Communications and Marketing
Jan Nisbet – senior vice provost for research
Brian O'Donnell - treasurer of the Graduate Student Fee Oversight Committee
Peter Pekins - professor of natural resources
Mark Rubinstein - vice president for student and academic services and interim vice president for advancement
Paula Salvio - chair of the Faculty Senate and professor of education
Marty Scarano – director of intercollegiate athletics
Bill Stine - chair of the Faculty Senate Finance Committee
Joanna Young - associate vice president/CIO computing and information services
David Proulx and Leigh Anne Melanson will serve as staff to the committee

The steps in the review process include:

Stage I  - Information Gathering and Analysis: Sept. 22 – Nov. 15
This stage involves soliciting input from the campus community through meetings with the Faculty Senate, the RC unit heads, the Business Service Center directors, the staff councils and the Student Senate.  We are also asking for individual input and comments through the use of a survey questionnaire available at http://survey.unh.edu/surveycat/surveys/survey741_rcmreview.htm. In addition, we will be gathering information about resource allocation models employed at other universities.

Stage II  - Modeling, Testing and Analysis: Nov. 16 – Jan.31
After the information from Stage I is summarized and analyzed, the CBC will determine which areas will be the focus of its deliberations. This stage will involve the development of numerous financial models to test ideas and assumptions. Results will be analyzed by the CBC and evaluated for possible implementation.

Stage III  - Development of Draft Recommendations and Report: Feb.1 – Feb. 28, 2010
After the modeling stage, the CBC will develop recommendations that will become part of the report to President Huddleston.

Stage IV  - President Huddleston’s Decision: March 1 – March 15

The CBC report will be delivered to President Huddleston by March 1.  President Huddleston will make a final decision on the CBC’s recommendations by March 15. 

To provide as much transparency in the process as possible, periodic updates will be posted to the following page: http://www.unh.edu/rcm/2009-2010_rcm_review.html

What can you do to help?  

Thank you in advance for your interest and input in this important process. 

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