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October Will Be Sick Pool Conversion Month

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
September 23, 2009    

Thompson Hall
A recommendation by the OS Council to change when OS members can convert earned time to sick pool time goes into effect Oct. 1. The change coincides with the annual open enrollment period for all other benefits. 

Conversion of earned time (ET) to sick pool time (SP) will no longer be held in May; it will be held during October in future years.

The OS Council presented the idea after conducting a survey of its members and finding the majority of employees were either supportive of or neutral to the change.

Since employees have the opportunity to make other changes in their benefits during open enrollment, the council felt conversion of ET to SP should be take place in October as well.  

Employees will be allowed to convert ET any time during the month regardless of whether or not they did so in May. SP conversion forms must be submitted to Human Resources by Oct. 30.

“The council has worked on this issue for the better part of a year, and we are pleased and excited that the administration is open to making this kind of change based on employee input,” says Matty Leighton, OS Council president.

Sick pool leave allows operating staff to build up paid sick days by swapping unused earned time at the rate of three hours of sick time for each hour of earned time. (One day of earned time becomes three sick days.)  It’s intended to provide additional security during extended periods of illness or injury. It can’t be cashed in when an employee leaves UNH.

Employees can tap their sick pool hours commencing with the sixth consecutive day of absence from work due to illness or injury. (A doctor’s note is required.) SP also may be used for family leave and extended bereavement leave (see “Use of Sick Pool for Family Leave and Extended Bereavement Leave” at http://usnholpm.unh.edu/USY/V.Pers/A.11.htm.

More information is available on the HR Web site under “Earned Time” at www.unh.edu/hr/et.htm. Forms are available at www.unh.edu/hr/pubs-frm.htm#other, or may be requested by phoning 2-0501.

Benefits open enrollment is Oct. 26 through Nov. 6. The benefits fair is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 28. 

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