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The Blackboard Content Connection is Here

October 28, 2009

Faculty, staff and students can now connect to their Blackboard files from their desktops using the Blackboard Content Connection, a tool that allows for the sharing, storage and management of files and information. 

When you make the Blackboard Content Connection, you don’t need to log in to Blackboard to edit your files. Just open them from the folders on your desktop, edit them, and save your changes. Any course or organization that contains a link to that file is updated automatically.

Once you’re connected, you can drag and drop files to your Blackboard storage area the same way you move files and folders on your desktop. You can also create a new file with, for example, Microsoft Word, and save it directly to Blackboard without having to log in. No more opening your Blackboard course or organization and uploading your files to make them available. You can do it right from your desktop.
When you do login to Blackboard, you can access your files by clicking on the content tab, then share them, set up versioning, add comments, or send a “pass” to someone outside of UNH to enable them to open and edit the files.

To help you setup your Blackboard Content Connection folder, IT Academic Technology has scheduled live 15 to 20-minute Webinars that you can join from anywhere that has a network connection—your office, your dorm room, or your kitchen table. Just connect to the Webinar and follow the instructor to see how to set up your Blackboard Content Connection. Choose the Webinar that’s right for your desktop operating system—Mac, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

To sign up for a Webinar, or for more information, go to http://it.unh.edu/bbcontentconnection.

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