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Doing Your Part For Energy's Sake

By Beth Potier, Media Relations
November 18, 2009

It takes a lot of energy – and money – to keep UNH buildings warm through our New Hampshire winter. But everyone can help reduce energy use and costs with these important but relatively small efficiency measures. The UNH Energy Task Force (www.energy.unh.edu) offers the following tips:

Turn off your space heater. Electric space heaters cost almost four times more than gas heat from the UNH heating system to use. Also, they can warm the space above the thermostat setpoint and shut off the regular heating system.

Report problems with heating systems to the Facilities Support Center at 2-1437 or Facilities.Support.Center@unh.edu, especially if those problems require you to use a portable electric space heater.

Know where the thermostat or temperature sensor that controls your space is located, and move any heat-producing items (computers, printers, copy machines, fax machines, refrigerators, coffeepots, televisions, etc.) away from the thermostat or temperature sensor. These items, if near the temperature controls, can cause the heat in your space to shut off prematurely.

Close your windows. Latch them tightly so any weatherstripping is compressed. Check the windows before you leave a class or meeting where participants may have opened a window for fresh air.

Close shades and blinds at night to conserve heat, and open them on sunny days for solar heat.

Close doors of rooms and turn radiators off in rooms that are not being used regularly in your building, so the warm air stays within your working space and doesn't heat up unused space (but make sure rooms don't get so cold that water in pipes may freeze).

Turn back thermostats to 60-65 degrees when leaving the building at the end of the day or on weekends.

Learn how much it costs to heat your building at http://www.energy.unh.edu/Bld_Costs.htm. And for energy-saving tips to use at home, check out Cooperative Extension’s new energy answers line (877-398-4769 or http://extension.unh.edu/news/2009/09/energy_answers_info_line_opens.html).  

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