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New Employee USNH ID Number

November 4, 2009

Concern regarding the use of Social Security Number (SSN) as the primary identifier in the Banner System led to faculty, staff and students receiving new IDs with randomly generated numbers. New ID cards were sent out this summer (If you have not received yours, check with the ID office.)

What does this mean for you?  You will now use your USNH ID number instead of your SSN as your primary identifier. The new number will be internal to USNH only, and should be used whenever an employee ID number is requested. 

Employees are legally required to provide their SSN on state or federal forms such as the I-9, W-4, workers compensation, background check and benefit forms. Do not use the ID replacement number on these forms. 

All other non-regulatory UNH/USNH forms have been updated to request employees to provide the USNH ID number rather than the SSN. 

The USNH ID number is used to log into your WISE account, and it is possible to find your new USNH ID number in WISE. Initially use your SSN to log in, click on the personal information tab, click on ‘display your USNH ID’ and your new USNH ID number will be shown.  From this point on, use the USNH ID number to log into WISE. 

Note: even though there is a dash in the display of your USNH ID number, do not include it when logging into WISE.  If you have any problems logging into WISE using your USNH ID number, contact the IT help desk at 2-4242.

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