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Letters of Thanks and Congratulations for Bruce Mallory

May 20, 2009

Dear Bruce,

I am sorry that family responsibilities prevent me from being with you today and joining with your many other friends and colleagues in wishing you Godspeed as you conclude your distinguished tenure as Provost.

Over the many years of our UNH-born friendship, it has been a privilege to witness the depth and passion of your commitment to the University of New Hampshire.  Because of you, your integrity, quality of mind and calm leadership, often in the face of adversity and turmoil, the University has become a strong, vibrant and caring community where great ideas are given birth and bright young minds are unleashed to benefit the world.  For this legacy and your leadership, we thank you.

More personally, let me thank you from the depth of my soul for your friendship and partnership during my brief assignment as Interim President.  To lead is often a lonely enterprise.  To be part of a genuine and committed partnership is a rare gift.  To the extent we were able to be effective stewards was due in large part to your selfless and wise counsel as a full and committed partner.  I am forever grateful.

Ciao, my friend, and Godspeed,


J. Bonnie Newman

Dear Bruce,

I am so pleased to send my greetings and congratulations on your return to the faculty after your distinguished service as provost of the University of New Hampshire.  You have had a huge impact on UNH as an accomplished teacher and scholar, mediator and leader.

I write this letter of congratulations from a perspective.  I first knew you as a leader of graduate education in the northeastern United States.  You were the first and most respected voice at the University of New Hampshire reaching out to me immediately after my appointment as president.  The deans, the academic leaders of the university, chose you to convey to me the hopes, dreams, insights and concerns of the faculty and academic leadership.  You called me to inform and to support.  Your insight will forever echo in my memory.

It was immediately evident to me, Bruce, that you were a leader among the deans at UNH.  Deans are the frontline academic leaders of any great university.  The respect your fellow deans accorded you sent huge signals to me about your leadership.  This recognition by your peers influenced me to ask you to join me in leading UNH.  Thank you for agreeing to commit your time and energy to leading the academic enterprise at the University of New Hampshire.

The position of Chief Academic Officer is the hardest job in higher education.  These leaders are at the epicenter of conflict and critical decisions that matter.  As I enter my eighth year as a university president, I see no evidence that would modify this opinion.

You served thoughtfully and reflectively in this office.  You remained committed to shared governance and the academic authority of faculty expertise.  You navigated the perilous waters of negotiation and compromise with the highest ethical and personal standards fully in play. 

I am proud to have been your colleague.

With deepest regards,

Ann Weaver Hart, President
Temple University

Dear Bruce,

It is a pleasure for me to add my words of praise and appreciation to all the others you will receive this evening.  Those of us who worked closely with you at UNH know how significant your contributions have been.

I, of course, still think of you as Dean of the Graduate School.  In that role you supported the strengthening of graduate programs in ways that strengthened the University’s research programs and helped attract the highest quality graduate students.  As Provost, you have led the deans and faculty in the implementation of the Academic Plan, positioning UNH as one of the truly excellent public universities in our nation.  In each role, your leadership and commitment have made a significant difference.

I am confident that the next phase of your service to UNH as a senior scholar and master teacher will add other important contributions for which you’ll be remembered.  In addition, I hope the next phase offers you more opportunities for travel, more time in Italy, and more exciting ventures with your family.  As you make your plans, I would also urge you to keep in mind the many benefits of travel to Columbus, Ohio--I can spell those out for you another day.

I very much regret that I cannot join you and others on this special occasion, but I welcome this opportunity to send by letter my appreciation for your many accomplishments at UNH and my best wishes as you move into your new roles.

Sincerely yours,

Joan R. Leitzel


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