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Running on Plenty

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
March 25, 2009

For Susan Entz, running has always been about the Zen.

Every time she hits the pavement those endorphins you hear about kick in and that runner’s high takes hold. She listens to her music and thinks about all the positive things in her life.

You wouldn’t think it could get much more Zen-ish than that.

Except when you add in the giving-back factor and have something—and someone—else to feel good about.

That’s what’s going to happen April 20 when Entz, director of Presidential Events and Programs, runs in her first Boston Marathon. The Boston College graduate was one of five people chosen to represent the non-profit organization MetroLacrosse in the 112-year-old Hopkinton-to-Boston road race.

The Dorchester, Mass., MetroLacrosse provides athletic programs to at-risk kids. Each of the runners has pledged to raise $2,000. Entz wants to raise $3,000.

“Boston has always been my goal,” Entz says. “When I was at BC, my friends and I used to sit at Heartbreak Hill and cheer on all those poor suckers going up the hill. Now I’m going to be one of those suckers.”

Entz runs nearly every day. She started running in 1992 during the six years she was traveling through Southeast Asia and Australia with Disney on Ice.

“What a great way to see those countries,” she says.

A few years ago, when she turned 39, Entz decided she wanted to do something challenging before hitting 40. So she ran the Portland, Maine, marathon. Before that, the longest race she’d run was a 10K.

“I went from 10Ks to 26.2 miles,” Entz says. “I loved the whole experience, from the training to the adrenaline rush of running towards the finish line with no feeling left in my legs after 26 miles.”

Training for the Boston Marathon consists of a minimum of 18 miles one day a week in addition to 5 and 6 mile runs all the other days. Her goal is to finish in four hours. She started her workouts even before she knew she’d gotten a number through MetroLacrosse, planning on being one of the bandit, or non-qualified, runner.

“I was going to run it anyway but it feels so much better to be running it for a charity,” Entz says. “It’s a natural marriage of my love of running and wanting to do something to help kids live a healthier life through athletics.”

So far, Entz has raised about $250. But with about three and a half weeks left to go, that positive attitude she gets while running has her confident she can reach her goal. Donations can be made at Schofield House.



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