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Over Eight No Longer Applies to Overtime

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
June 24, 2009

Hourly employees will no longer receive overtime pay for working more than eight hours in a day with a USNH policy change that goes into effect July 1. Time-and-half will still be paid when an hourly employee works more than 40 hours in a week.

The current policy provides overtime payment for eligible employees for any hours worked either in excess of 40 hours in a week or eight hours in a day.

For example, if a worker put in two eight-hour days on Monday and Tuesday, took Wednesday off and worked 10 hours on Thursday, those two additional hours worked on Thursday were paid at time-and-half even if the total number of hours worked that week didn’t exceed 40. That practice is what’s being eliminated.

After July 1, overtime will be paid for time worked in excess of 40 hours, in accordance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The extra hours can be paid either in one’s paycheck or as compensatory time.

If the employee wants to take comp time, the agreement with the supervisor to do so should be in writing prior to the overtime being worked.

Various committees systemwide reviewed this policy change before it was adopted by USNH.

Previously, an employee who worked four 10-hour days needed to submit a form waiving overtime pay at the beginning of every fiscal year. The new policy eliminates the need for the waiver, allowing the flexible work schedule to be arranged between the employee and supervisor.

The change will show up in July 31st paychecks, which covers hours worked during the first complete payroll period after the July 1 effective date.

The regular hourly pay rate is the accumulation of the employee’s regular base pay, any shift premium pay, longevity pay, stand-by pay, call-in pay, bonus payments, and additional pay.


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