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SPPC Will Review Newest Working Draft on Flex Work Policy

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
July 8, 2009

The latest draft of a proposal that details flex work schedules will be taken up by the System Personnel Policies Council (SPPC) during its fall meeting when the 2009-2010 term begins.

The working document addresses flexible work schedules, flex year positions and teleworking.

Flex time is when an employee comes in earlier and leaves earlier or works the same number of hours but in fewer days. A flex year schedule has an employee working less than full time but at least 75 percent time.

And teleworking involves an employee working outside his or her normal location one or two days a week with no change to the number of hours worked. No teleworking schedule could exceed two days a week.

Not all positions are suitable for alternative work schedules.

If the SPPC votes to accept the policy, each option would require the approval of the employee’s supervisor. Supervisors would have the option of agreeing to a schedule change while designating “core” days or times when all staff members must work.

All of the alternatives would have to adhere to the USNH systems access policy and the system access compliance standards, which govern appropriate use of USNH computers and resources.

Revised schedule agreements would be mutual and in writing.

Supervisors and staff members would be required to undergo orientation training before any teleworking arrangement could be made. Training would cover such issues as security, accountability, USNH policy, use of electronic equipment and federal regulations.

Staff members would pay for Internet connections, equipment maintenance and upkeep of home workspace. If USNH requires an employee to work in two locations, the institution will purchase the equipment.

A three month review of teleworking arrangements would occur and, if agreed upon by the employee and supervisor, would be renewed. If not a job requirement, the agreement could be ended at any time by either the employee or the supervisor.

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