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Parking Permit Swap Underway

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
January 28, 2009

Permit designs.

The Cat is out; T Hall is in—or will be come May 1.

That’s the deadline for swapping parking permits depicting the UNH Wildcat logo with new tags that show an image of Thompson Hall.

But it’s not about a new design. The practice of culling the parking pass list, which hasn’t been done for several years, helps get rid of invalid permits and replaces those that are starting to wear or fade with age.  

“This helps us know who’s still eligible to have a pass,” says Marc Laliberte, operations manager for Parking Services. “It washes out the invalid permits.”

All faculty, staff members and vendors who want to park in designated lots on campus will need to exchange their permits by May 1. The passes can be picked up any time from now until then at the parking office in the Vistior Center between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Bring the old pass with you.

There’s no charge as long as the exisiting permit has already been renewed. Renewals can be done at the same time.

“Once someone is here, it should take about 12 seconds,” says Laliberte, adding that the process has been streamlined since the last time permits were replaced.

Previously, people were issued new parking passes and new numbers, which involved setting up a database. This time, the tags were ordered with numbers matching all the existing permits so a new database wasn’t necessary. The identical sequence should make the swap go much easier, Laliberte says.

 “We’re trying to do it in the least cumbersome way we can,” he says.

It cost less than $2,500 for the replacement permits. Now it will simply be a matter of manpower in getting the new parking passes to drivers. Other options for getting the new tags to employees are being explored.

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