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Workplace Survey Coming Feb. 16

February 11, 2009

On Feb. 16, all full and part-time employees will receive an email with instructions on how to complete an online anonymous survey aimed at assessing the work environment at UNH. A paper version, in English and Spanish, will be available for those who don’t have ready access to computers.

The survey, available until March 7, will be administered by BBA/McKnight Associates, an independent consultant that specializes in higher education.

All employees are urged to participate in the survey so the university can get a comprehensive view of its workplace climate. As an enticement, four iPod Nanos will be raffled off to employees who complete the survey. (Note: the value of the iPod Nano is considered taxable income by the IRS. UNH will supplement the winning employee’s income to cover the amount of the tax).
There will be 13 focus areas with two or more questions each. The areas include:

Work: Feelings about work accomplishment, decision authority, workload adequacy, staffing, departmental operating efficiency, and willingness to recommend UNH as a good place in which to work.

The extent to which staff feel the pay system rewards good performance and is fair and competitive, and their satisfaction with recognition/appreciation and the overall benefits package.

Working Conditions:
How adequate employees perceive equipment/supplies, safety and security.

How effective survey respondents perceive performance evaluations, training programs and the equal opportunity program to be, and the extent to which they feel supervisors encourage skill development.

Ratings of the occurrence of regular departmental meetings, perceived “voice” in decisions that impact staff, the effectiveness of inter-departmental communication and the complaint resolution process.

Coworker Relations:
Perceptions of coworker accountability and employee feelings about their coworkers.

The extent to which employees feel their supervisor communicates expectations, keeps them informed, provides feedback, accepts disagreement and criticism, solicits input, holds staff accountable, cares about staff, and generally provides good leadership.

Supervisor’s Immediate Superior: 
The extent to which the middle management group at UNH seems to care about the staff in the organization, does a good job providing leadership and keeps staff informed regarding the things they should know.

Senior Management/Administration:
The extent to which leadership at UNH seems to demonstrate caring for the staff in the organization, does a good job providing leadership, and appropriately balances quality education for students and a strong financial “bottom line.”

Work Toxicity:
The extent to which people feel they have so much work it is impossible to do it all well and feelings that work pressures are making them frustrated and angry.

Questions asking if employees frequently think about leaving their job, think about transferring to another department at UNH and are actively looking for a job elsewhere.

Assessments of how things have changed in the past six months in terms of general morale, trust in leadership, staffing adequacy, education/service quality, and UNH as a place in which to work.

Items asking if, regardless of differences in group diversity, employees are rewarded fairly, treated equally and with courtesy and respect by their coworkers and supervisors, have equal opportunities under the university’s policies and procedures, and know how and to whom to communicate concerns they might have about unfair or discriminatory treatment.

The survey results will be available to UNH management by June 2009. UNH will be able to benchmark results against those of other higher education institutions. A summary of the results will be provided to the community in FY10.

Questions: contact survey overseers Sharon Demers at sharon.demers@unh.edu, or David Proulx at david.proulx@unh.edu.

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