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Proposed Changes to Benefits Discussed at PAT Meeting

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
December 9, 2009

Six possible changes to employee benefits under consideration by the System Personnel Policies Council (SPPC) were reported at the December meeting of the PAT Council.

As part of the on-going cost containment efforts, the SPPC goals for the 2009-2010 governance year include a review of options to eliminate total compensation programs which have a declining benefit/cost relationship and options to strengthen total compensation programs with a positive benefit/cost relationship.  The “options to eliminate total compensation programs which have a declining benefit/cost relationship” include:

  • Reduction of PAT vacation in the first three years of employment.

  • Establishment of cash-out maximum, with transition plan, for earned time.

  • Elimination and transition of shift pay.

  • Changes to tuition benefits.

  • Elimination and transition of longevity pay.

  • Elimination of curtailed operations pay.

Options to strengthen total compensation with a positive benefit/cost relationship include:

  • Changes to tuition benefits.

  • Funding for skill attainment awards.

  • Commitment to professional development through increased resources for internal training and skill enhancement.

  • Increased commitment to services for financial planning.

  • Increased employer commitment to volunteerism.

  • Teleworking policy.

The changes are in the discussion stage only; nothing has been decided. The proposals will be discussed again at the next SPPC meeting.

“The SPPC has been asked to look at these topics and provide feedback,” said Sharon Demers, assistant vice president of human resources. “Then the board of trustees and board of presidents will decide.”

July 1, 2010 is the date any approved changes would take effect.

A Fitness for Duty policy also was discussed at the SPPC meeting. Under the policy, if a supervisor thinks an employee is not fit to do his or her job due to illness, for example, he or she could be sent home and asked to seek medical attention.

In other news, councilors elected new officers for the coming year. Rachel Feeney, a research associate for the Ocean Process Analysis Lab, was elected chairman; Theresa Hamer, manager of the Research Business Service Center, vice-chair and Stormy Gleason, information technologist in dean’s office of COLA, continues as secretary.

Nine new councilors also have been elected. They are:

District 1: Hope Jordan
District 2: Kate Ferreira
District 3: Judith Quist
District 4: Jason Graves
District 6: Nelson Gonzalez
District 10: Fay Rubin
District 15: Faye Craigin
District 18: Brenda Whitmore
District 19: Karen Estabrook


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