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Printing and Mail Services: Cut Costs Not Trees

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
September 24, 2008

The big thing folks at Printing and Mail Services want the UNH community to know is they like trees.

That’s why they get excited whenever an initiative comes along that helps reduce the amount of paper that gets tossed out. The U.S. Post Office’s Move Update program does just that, aimed as it is at cutting down on the amount of undeliverable mail that routinely occurs with bulk mailings.

Beginning Nov. 23, all mailing lists will have to be run through the national change of address system to cull those addresses that are no longer current. Lists will then need to be checked every 95 days. The good news is, there’s no charge for the service.

Departments that use Printing and Mail Services for their bulk mail should send their mailing lists to Printing and Mail Services prior to running their labels so they can be checked for accuracy. The lists will then be returned with the corrections made, eliminating the tremendous waste that results with undeliverable mail.

“It’s called ‘greening the list,’” says Paul Roberts, director of Printing and Mail Services. “The fewer pieces of mail that get sent back, the less paper, ink, and energy are used.”

Not only does greening the list save paper, it saves money: there’s a charge for every piece of mail that is returned. So, complying with the new regulation will help cut costs while helping to reduce the number of trees that get cut down.

When it comes to being green, Roberts says Printing and Mail Services is “as good as they can be.” He notes they have been using post-consumer recycled paper for 15 years. They also offer a cartridge refilling service for both inkjet and laser printers at the MUB Copy Center. It’s about half the cost of a new cartridge and, more important, keeps the old ones out of landfills where, Roberts says, it takes 450 years to break down.

(The MUB Copy Center is located on level two of the MUB. For more information, call 2-1984.)

Reuse of inter-university mailing envelopes is another green action. With as many as 600,000 pieces of campus mail picked up and delivered annually, the savings through reusing the manila envelops is obvious. And don’t throw them out when all the lines have been used and crossed out; simply write or type the new address on a mailing label and stick it on the envelope.

Printing and Mail Services also has reduced waste by moving to a computer-to-plate system that replaced the film processor that used chemicals.

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