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A Letter From Mark Huddleston Regarding The Provost Search

November 19, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to let you know that I have appointed a search committee that will be charged with leading the effort to identify a successor to Provost Bruce Mallory. Co‐chaired by Joe Klewicki and Sheila McNamee, the committee is comprised of Professors John Aber, Ross Gittell, Nancy Kinner, Cesar Rebellon, Mihaela Sabin, Janet Sable, Michael Swack, Roy Torbert, and Stephen Trzaskoma.

You will note at least two things about this committee. First, it is small. I decided that assembling a group with one representative from every conceivable constituency in the provost’s portfolio would lead to a committee so large as to be unmanageable, a consideration especially important given the rather advanced date in the academic calendar and our interest in bringing the search to a satisfactory conclusion in a timely fashion. To compensate, the committee will be explicitly charged with consulting widely and often with other groups on campus.

Second, and even more important, the committee is comprised of faculty members widely regarded as being among UNH’s very best. That is not a coincidence. For UNH to identify for its most important academic post an individual who embodies the very highest standards of research and scholarship, teaching, and public service—and that is very much my aim—it is essential that we have a search committee that clearly projects those values. So, while the committee may not be precisely representative of every university constituency, it is perfectly representative of the sort of excellence
that we aim to achieve in all that we do.

I am grateful to these faculty colleagues for their willingness to undertake this important service for UNH. They and I will update you in the days ahead as the search moves forward.

Mark Huddleston

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