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Staff Excellence: Paula DiNardo, Professional Advising Award 2008

November 12, 2008

Paula DiNardo (Lisa Nugent photo/UNH Photo Services)
Paula DiNardo in the woody area known as the “Ravine" that she likes to explore with her five-year-old twins. She is the exchange coordinator for the UNH National Student Exchange and this year’s recipient of the Professional Advising Award. (Lisa Nugent photo/UNH Photo Services)

Some members of the UNH community remember Paula DiNardo when she was a newcomer to UNH, serving as a hall director in the Upper Quad and Babcock Halls.

Then, her path took her away from the university on two occasions, but she returned to the fold each time, first as an academic adviser, and ultimately assuming her current role overseeing the National Student Exchange (NSE), advising the Washington Center for internships (TWC), and prelaw advising.

Throughout her tenure, and no matter her role, colleagues cite her work ethic as admirable, her skills as precise, and her demeanor as perfectly suited. Through it all is DiNardo’s tightly held belief that all students should be the beneficiaries of what the university offers in these programs.

“What I like about each of these programs is that they are accessible to the average student,” says DiNardo. “Students don’t need family wealth or connections to participate or succeed.”

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