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Baby You Can Drive My Car

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
March 26, 2008

It was a little like driving a fancy golf cart. The stopping and starting was the same; the easy maneuverability. Other than that, driving one of the electric cars being tested this week on campus was like driving a very hip, very quiet, shrunken SUV.

It handled well, cornered great and, with its shortened front-end and wide windshield, the visibility was terrific. That the cars can go only 25 mph is a plus for a college campus.

The two Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) are licensed to travel on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 mph—the limit for all UNH and in-town roads. Battery-powered, the cars are virtually emissions free.

Departments can sign up to test drive the cars for a half-day by contacting Carole Berry (carole.berry@unh.edu). Test drives may be taken by any licensed UNH employee including faculty, staff or student employees. A copy of all test drivers licenses will be required prior to obtaining keys.

When not in use, the cars are plugged into an outlet to get recharged.

The electric cars are being evaluated for possible addition to the university’s Clean Fleet program. The Zenn (www.zenncars.com) is a sporty two-seater while the Miles (www.milesev.com) is a more utilitarian four-door that resembles a mini-SUV.

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