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Revamped Web Site Better Serves PAT Council

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
March 12, 2008

Responding to feedback, the PAT Council has launched a new Web site it hopes will provide more opportunities for PAT employees to communicate with their representatives and express any concerns they may have.

Work is underway to transfer the information from the old site to the new one (http://patcouncil.sr.unh.edu/ ). During migration, as content is transferred, the old Web site links will be altered to point to the new site. While navigating the old site you may find yourself suddenly transferred to the new one. Eventually, once all the content has been migrated, the top level link will redirect you to the new site.

PAT councilors will have an account on the new site allowing them to add or update content as needed. Account holders will also have access to a private group area where members can share draft documents and hold forum conversations that are not visible to non-members. Public information on the site can be accessed by anyone.

Additionally, the new site will make it easy to conduct polls, find information on recent actions and read minutes from PAT meetings dating back to 1994.

There is also a list of PAT council members, the district they represent and how to contact them.

The tabs across the top of the page—home, news, committees, etc.-- make navigation simple. Below the tabs you’ll find a label and a set of links that will provide shortcuts to other locations within the site.

Boxes on the left and right side of the page will house current information. Poll questions will also show up here. (The current question solicits feedback on the new site). A box allowing for a search of the site is in the top right corner of the page.

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