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Raises Will Begin with September Paychecks

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
July 9, 2008

The USNH Board of Trustees has approved raises of up to 5.5 percent for all eligible non-union employees effective July 1. Factoring in the turnaround time for the documents HR needs to implement the increases, paychecks will include the raises beginning Sept. 5 for PAT, Academic Administrators, Extension Educators, and non-union faculty members. OS employees will get their increases beginning Sept. 12.

Performance reviews were due to be completed and on file at HR by May 30. Raises will be retroactive to July 1 or the beginning of the appointment for percent-time staff.

Employees not eligible for an increase include those who have submitted a letter of resignation or retirement effective June 30; received a termination notice; are over the maximum for their salary range; have documented unsatisfactory job performance; are on a leave of absence (see http://usnholpm.unh.edu/USY/V.Pers/F.9.htm); whose salary increases are negotiated through a collective bargaining agreement; who have a negotiated FY09 annual salary/hourly rate and those principal administrators whose increases are determined by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Newly hired employees are not eligible for merit increases until they have completed their introductory period. Funds can be reserved from the departmental merit pool for anticipated raises once the period has passed or, in the case of a leave of absence, the employee returns to work.

Here’s how the 5.5 percent breaks down:

3 percent across-the-board (ATB). Automatic for all eligible employees.

1 percent general increase pool – a fixed amount of $500 added to the base salary and prorated based on the percentage of time an employee works; i.e. $250 for someone working half-time. Automatic for all eligible employees.

1.45 percent for merit/internal and external equity. Determined by supervisor based on merit and internal/external equity (allows for pay adjustments for like jobs with different salaries.)

.05 percent market equity range adjustment—employees who fall below the new minimum for their job classification will receive an increase to bring their salary to the new range.

For a list of jobs whose classifications have changed go to http://www.unh.edu/hr/pdfs/FY09-Salary-Increase-Guidelines-UNH.pdf.

With the ATB, general pool and merit raises, employees who are at or near the top of their pay ranges will receive the increase as a one-time lump sum.

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