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A Reminder About Safety In The Event Of An Emergency

February 20, 2008

In the wake of the tragedy at Northern Illinois University, UNH officials want the community to know the university has a comprehensive emergency operations plan (EOP) that guides decision-making, communication, and coordination of response activities in the event of an emergency. Testing and refinement of the plan is ongoing under the leadership of UNH Deputy Police Chief Paul Dean.

The plan provides potentially life-saving information during emergencies or disasters, and hastens the resumption of normal operations after an event has occurred. It outlines procedures for responding to and recovering from a variety of emergency and disaster situations, including fires, hazardous material spills, medical emergencies, bomb threats, or major accidents.

You can find details of the plan at http://www.unh.edu/emergency. Familiarize yourself with the procedures in place. It outlines steps the university has already taken for disaster preparedness, how the community can prepare for emergencies, and how UNH will communicate disaster or emergency information to the community.

UNH Communication Systems in the Event of An Emergency

Directed Communication (DC) – UNH has the ability to send a blast email to everyone who has a UNH email account. When an emergency occurs on campus, a DC is quickly written and sent so faculty, staff and students know an incident has occurred and, if warranted, instructions for what to do are provided. It also directs individuals to the Web site (www.unh.edu), which is updated throughout the emergency until an “all clear” is issued by UNH police.

RoamSecure – RoamSecure is a communication vehicle that sends a text message to cell phones and registered email accounts, including dot-coms, alerting subscribers an incident has occurred on campus. Currently, 3,100 faculty, staff, students and friends have registered. The goal is to have the entire campus register for the freey service.

UNH Information Line – Anyone may call 603-862-0000 to hear about an emergency on campus.

UNH Web site – Working with Media Relations and the UNH Web master, UNH Police will provide updates on the university’s homepage.

Whelen outdoor notification system – an outdoor notification system will sound a siren when a campus-wide emergency occurs. The system allows police to issue specific warnings as well as an “all clear” when the incident has ended.

Media – UNH Police works closely with the university spokesperson and Media Relations to distribute press releases to media outlets to inform the public that an incident has occurred and that steps are being taken to deal with the issue.

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