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Response To AAUP Assertion That UNH Administration Cut Off Talks

February 6, 2008

Below is a statement issued Feb. 1 by Candace Corvey, UNH's chief negotiator for the AAUP faculty contract negotiations:

The president of the AAUP has recently made public statements suggesting that the university is unwilling to negotiate and is solely responsible for the current impasse. Further, AAUP has been quoted in the press describing the gap between the parties as only $500,000. It is important that the facts of the matter be made clear.

Both parties reluctantly began to plan the steps to execute a mutual public declaration of impasse in early January. Although impasse seemed unavoidable as the formal steps commenced, the university initiated an 11th hour effort to resolve the differences. This last round of informal discussions ended when the university was told by the AAUP that there was no point in talking further if we were not willing to meet the AAUP's hard-and-fast demand for a particular salary increase. We could not, in good conscience, meet that demand, and impasse was mutually declared. We regret the negotiations were not successful, but they did not conclude due to any lack of willingness on the university's part to bargain in good faith.

With regard to the gap between us, there are significant differences in the positions of the two sides on three major aspects of the contract: salary, processes for determining merit and equity increases, and benefits. The salary gap between us over a two-year period is a total of $1.08 million, and over a three-year period it is $1.3 million. The merit/equity process disagreement is not trivial, and multiple efforts by the administration to offer creative solutions have failed. With regard to benefits, the AAUP position of no benefits changes - a position it has declined to adjust throughout the entire course of negotiations - is substantially distant from the university's proposal that the union accept benefits changes already in place for all other employees, with associated mitigation additions to salary.

The university is ready to return to the negotiating table at any time the AAUP is willing to make new substantive proposals to close the gap that still remains on the issues of salary, processes for determining merit and equity increases, and benefits. In fact, the gap is still significant and the university remains ready to engage in the serious negotiations - rather than public posturing - necessary to reach resolution.

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