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Marine Research Laboratory Pier Done; Support Buildings Nearing Completion

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
August 20, 2008

pier 1

The pier used by UNH’s marine researchers has had steady use since its recent completion, and the support buildings that will house the Coastal Marine Laboratory equipment and supplies should be finished soon as well.

Located in New Castle across the inlet from Coastal Marine Lab, the new pier was funded with money secured by NOAA, who will berth one of their swath vessels there beginning sometime next year.

At 325 feet, the pier has a floating dock on one side that can accommodate nine boats and a fixed dock on the other for larger boats A 3-ton jib crane at the ocean end of the pier is used to hoist supplies to and from the vessels or docks.

There are four sockets along the pier where either of two smaller cranes can operate. Sewer boxes take the waste pumped off the ships to a station located under the parking lot.
Electrical outlets are also positioned along the length of the pier, with a 400-amp, 400-volt box situated near where the swath vessel will dock.

pier 2 

To make the pier look less industrial, a two-pipe metal rail was used instead of a concrete wall. Fenders, used to keep boats from hitting the pier, were painted grey. The lights resemble streetlights and provide enough light for safety and security.

pier 3

The support buildings—three that make up about 7,000-square-feet--will have an office with nine cubbies, a conference room, dive lockers (now in the marine lab), an exterior wash-down porch for scuba divers and a shower room. There is also a garage with workshops for boats or vessels and a large storage area for each major research vessel. The NOAA boat has a separate area.

pier 4

A refrigerator area can hold up to four containers to store such things as fish food or mussels. Fish pens are located under the pier.
The facility will also have public restrooms.

pier 5


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