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OS Council Gets New Members

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
August 20, 2008

A proposal to change when an OS staff member can convert earned time to sick pool time will be presented to the administration before going to the SPPC for consideration. The issue was discussed at the Aug. 13 meeting.

Presently, sick pool conversation is done in May. The council is suggesting adding a second date—October has been discussed—so employees whose departments shut down during winter break will have more hours to convert rather than using them during the January hiatus.

Sick pool leave allows OS employees to build up paid sick days by swapping unused earned time at the rate of three hours of sick time for each hour of earned time. (So, one day of earned time becomes three sick days.) After missing work due to illness for five consecutive days, the sick pool is tapped starting on the sixth day by using the hours generated through trade.

A form from a doctor or health care provider must accompany a request to use sick pool
time, which can also be used for family leave and extend bereavement leave.

Under the new proposal, employees would still be able to trade their hours in only once a year but would have the option of choosing whichever date was more beneficial to them.

Sick pool hours can’t be cashed in when an employee leaves UNH. For more information on the existing policy visit www.unh.edu/hr/sck-pl.htm.

In other news, Sharon Demers, assistant vice president of human relations, presented the holiday schedule for 2009-2010. The university will close Dec. 25, a Friday in 2009, through Jan. 1, 2010. Dec. 25, 28 and 29 are UNH holidays; employees will have to use earned time for Dec. 30 and Dec. 31.

With Dec. 25 falling on Thursday this year, the 2008 winter break requires employees to use three days of earned time. UNH will be closed from Dec. 25 through Jan. 4, 2009. Dec. 25, 26, 29 and Jan. 1 are UNH holidays.

OS representatives now have business cards, made by chairman Matty Leighton. A new logo for the Websitea bridge inside an oval with the words “Building Bridges, Facilitating Communication”-- is under consideration. 

Councilor members also received postcards listing the 2008 goals so to share with constituents who don’t have ready access to a computer. The cards will be posted on the OS communication boards located around campus as well.

During an update on a proposed 360-degree review process, Demers noted that to assess a supervisor’s performance, an upward review is needed and not a 360 degree review, which involves peers, colleagues, and supervisors.

Two new members have joined the council. Monique Couillard of
District 13 (CIS and library) and Sandra Reynolds, representing District 9 (central BSC and University Transportation Service) were voted in at the monthly meeting.

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