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Compassionate Leave Donation Program Doing What it Should

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
August 20, 2008

The PAT Council discussed the compassionate leave donation program during its August meeting and found it is working well.

In FY 2008, 11 PAT employees donated 38 days to the program that helps fellow staffers who miss work for health reasons (theirs or an immediate family member’s) and have exhausted all their paid leave time.

Five OS staff members donated 160 hours, or 20 days, during FY 2008 compared to 360 hours/45 days in FY’07 by the same number of employees. Twenty-two PAT employees gave 57 days in FY’07.

No PAT employees used donated time in 2008 while three used a total of 50 days in 2007. Four OS staff used 56 days in 2008 and 52 in 2007.

The value of the 2008 donated hours is $11,663. Actual time used by employees is valued at $7,570.

“Overall, the program is doing what it should do,” said Sharon Demers, assistant vice president of human resources. “It’s helping people who need help and it’s not being abused so that’s a good thing.”

Here’s how it works: compassionate leave is donated directly to an individual; it does not go to a common donation bank. Full and part-time employees are eligible to donate or receive time once they have completed their introductory period.

Faculty members who are on 12-month appointments and not covered under the collective bargaining agreement are also eligible.

To qualify for compassionate donation, an employee must have a serious health condition or be responsible for caring for an immediate family member who is sick. The illness must meet the eligibility requirements under the family and medial leave policy. A doctor’s note stating the condition will exist for a minimum of 30 consecutive calendar days is also needed.

In addition to having used all of his or her own earned time/sick pool, the worker must be facing a minimum of five days without pay and cannot have received more than 20 donated days in the last 12 months prior to the new donation.

To donate time to a qualifying individual, an employee must retain at least one week (40 hours/five days) of earned time/annual leave.

Faculty and staff who have been at UNH for at least one year may use up to 10 sick days per fiscal year for family leave. After that, they may receive compassionate donation time even if they still have sick leave.

Employees on probation because of attendance issues are not eligible for compassionate donation leave.

Details of the program may be viewed on line at http://www.unh.edu/hr/pdfs/compassionate-leave-procedure.pdf.


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