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Eat What You Take, Take Only What You'll Eat

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
September 26, 2007

Carolyn Kirkpatrick photo

Dining services is reminding those who utilize university dining halls to remember what their mothers used to say: clean your plate; there are people starving somewhere.

Of the 11,520 meals served in UNH dining halls each day, 1, 258 pounds of food gets thrown out. That’s almost 9,000 pounds a week of waste.

And that’s why, again this year, dining services launched “Save it for Seconds.” The only-take-what-you’ll-eat campaign urges students, faculty and staff to start with single helpings and, if they’re still hungry, go back for seconds rather than heaping their trays the first time through.

“Food waste costs each meal plan holder money in what they pay for that unconsumed food,” says Jon Plodzik, director of dining services. “It uses resources that could be better used elsewhere (labor and disposal expense) and improper portioning leads to the Freshmen 15 we talk so much about.”

While the bulk of the uneaten food is composted, there is still an amount that simply goes in the trash.

"Save it for Seconds” challenges diners to forego trays so they’ll take less food and to take appropriate portions. The campaign runs through Friday, Sept. 28.

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