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Students Work to Get Thanksgiving Food Baskets for UNH Community

By Kristin Morgovnik
October 24, 2007

This year Cornucopia (the on-campus food pantry), in partnership with UNH Campus Ministry, the TSAS Community Leadership Program, and the Office Community Service and Learning, is once again assembling Thanksgiving food baskets for those in need.

“ It is so important to help this fall, so that every family can enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday,” said Brittany Cole, a Community Leadership student.

Community Leadership students urge individuals, groups, organizations, and families to donate a basket for some in the local area. A list of suggested items and specific information on where and when to drop off your basket will be provided. Financial donations toward the creation of a basket are also welcome.

Each basket costs approximately $60 to create. Approximately 120 requests for baskets from people in the UNH community are expected this year.

Hunger is a growing issue in New Hampshire and at UNH. According to the Carsey Institute’s Hunger in America 2005 reports, 28 percent of those served by the New Hampshire Food Bank are children under eighteen and 42 percent must choose between paying for food and paying for utilities or heating fuel.

“ There are a number of factors that contribute to hunger at UNH. For one, the number of ‘temporary without benefits positions’ offered at UNH continues to rise,” said Community Leadership student Kristin Morgovnik. “The pay for these jobs currently listed on the UNH website ranges from $8-$13 an hour. Also, graduate students, many from other countries here on visas that restrict them from earning additional money, receive only $13,500-$15, 300 for their work.”

Now in its 7th year, the Community Leadership program consists of many dedicated students and faculty who work together to improve the quality of life for those struggling within the UNH community and other surrounding areas. This year the Community Leadership program is also joining the National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness.

For more information, contact Ashlee Iber at (603) 767-9022 or AIBER@UNH.EDU.

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