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In New Round Of Negotiations, Corvey Named Chief Negotiator

October 10, 2007

Candace Corvey, former UNH vice president for finance and administration, will serve as chief negotiator for the administration in bargaining with the UNH-AAUP negotiating team. She was asked to serve in this role by President Mark Huddleston and Provost and Executive Vice President Bruce Mallory, who will continue to oversee the administration’s role in negotiations.

Talks between both sides resume Monday, Oct. 15.

In his regular letter to UNH faculty this week, Mallory announced the change, writing it would be “beneficial to the process” for him to play a different role in the negotiations. He added Corvey was instrumental in her central role in the 2000 and 2003 negotiations.

Corvey has participated over the last two years in the current round of negotiations as a member of the negotiating team, so she is familiar with the facts at hand and the positions of both parties.

“Like everyone else involved in this collective bargaining process, I very much look forward to a resolution and ultimately a signed contract,” Corvey said. “If I can play a role in making this happen, I do so gladly.”

Assistant Provost Jim Varn will continue to play a key role at the table. Mallory defines his own role as advising the administration’s negotiating team at the table and away from it.

“With the rejection of the fact finder report by the AAUP, we will have fresh ground to plow when talks resume next week,” Mallory said. “I very much hope a clean slate will allow for creative thinking and novel proposals that can serve as the basis for a settlement. There are both principles and practical solutions that will be taken into account in order to arrive at a settlement.”

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