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Two-time UNH Alum Senior Associate Athletic Director

By Erica Brien
October 3, 2007

Most students at UNH have what we call Wildcat Pride and they carry that with them when they graduate and move on either to their respective jobs or while at another school pursuing their graduate studies.

Some of our students, building on that Wildcat Pride, choose to stay on at UNH for a master's degree. However, very few people attend UNH for their undergraduate work, continue on for graduate school and then decide to start their career here. Steve Metcalf is one of those few people, and it is safe to say he personifies UNH Wildcat Pride.

Metcalf graduated in 1990 with a bachelor's degree political science before pursuing a master's degree in sports studies. It was during that time that he was offered an opportunity that set his future in place. In December of 1996, one of Metcalf's professors asked if anyone was interested in helping the university with a report on the NCAA. Metcalf was quick to volunteer and his career at UNH took off from there.

"The job became available when I was in graduate school and one thing led to another," said Metcalf.

He was hired as an athletics event coordinator 10 years ago. During the first two years, his primary responsibility was scheduling all the collegiate athletic events. He was not only responsible for when and where games would be played, but he was also for all the individuals that must be present at an athletic event: officials, security, staffing, firefighters and athletic trainers.

Metcalf said that during those first few years he worked seven days a week for months on end.

"All the scheduling that had to be done for every event took a lot of time," Metcalf said. "In fact, I worked 99 days in a row once. I remember saying to myself 'I don't remember the last time I had a day off'. When I looked at the calendar and realized it had been 99 days, I told myself that I would take day 100 off."

Metcalf was hired as the assistant athletic director in 1999, promoted to associate athletic director in 2002 and is now the senior associate athletic director responsible for supervising half of the athletic teams on campus. His primary responsibilities are for the oversight of scheduling for all UNH athletic events, any changes to athletic facilities, and ensuring that all athletic events are well managed and run smoothly.

While the functions and responsibilities of Metcalf's job can be challenging and enjoyable, the most meaningful and valuable aspect is getting to know the student athletes.

"I love the fact that I can make a difference in our student athlete's lives," Metcalf said. "In fact, it is the most rewarding part of my job."

When UNH coaches or student athletes have problems or concerns they go to Metcalf. He says getting to know the students helps him understand their needs. He is there to support student athletes when they have problems in relationships with their coaches; he is there when they feel they need more academic support; and he listens to them when they say certain facilities are not safe enough.

"I listen to all of their concerns and try my best to see if there is anyway I can help them," Metcalf said.

With all these responsibilities and his commitment to student athletes, it is easy to see why Metcalf may not have a lot of free time. However, when he is away from work, he enjoys spending time with his two year-old daughter, Lauren, and his wife, Diane, who is expecting a new baby girl soon. He also enjoys mountain biking and skiing.

When asked what sports he enjoys watching, Metcalf said he doesn't prefer one sport over another but likes to watch college sports over professional. When asked what team(s) he supported, Metcalf's response once again illustrated that Wildcat Pride - "I am a two-time UNH alum and have been working here for 10 years," Metcalf said. "It would be hard not to root for UNH.”

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