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Alumni Center Employee $200,000 Richer

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
January 24, 2007

Lisa Guerrero is one of those practical people who never wasted her money on lottery tickets because she figured she’d never win.

Luckily, her husband, Tom, felt differently.

Last week the Dover couple won $200,000 when Tom Guerrero picked five of the six winning numbers in the $200 million Powerball lottery.

Lisa Guerrero is membership assistant with the Elliot Alumni Center. She’s still there. And her husband is still at his dining services director job in Massachusetts. Winning the money is a wonderful surprise but it won’t dramatically change their lives, Lisa Guerrero says.

“I’m definitely still working. It’s business as usual,” she says, adding, “The money will be very helpful.”

And it will allow the family of five to fly to Florida next month when they take their annual vacation. Every year, the Guerreros visit family in Pompano Beach. But this year, with the cost of airline tickets around $2,000, they decided to drive the nearly 1,600 miles.

“Now we can afford to fly so that’ll be a nice treat,” Guerrero says. “We’re pretty practical; pretty frugal.”

The Guerreros beat the odds by about 1 to 3.5 million when their numbers came up in the January 17 drawing, which just happened to be daughter Jordan’s 15th birthday.

“She definitely felt like she was our lucky charm,” Guerrero says. “This is an unexpected gift. We’re very grateful.”

The couple also has two boys; Cody, 16 and Theo, 18-months.

Sometimes during his drive to Massachusetts, Tom Guerrero sees a billboard announcing the lottery jackpot. When the figure gets up there—like it is now at an estimated $240 million—he stops in a local convenience store and buys two tickets; one random pick and one using his children’s birthdays.

Lisa Guerrero says she’s never been a “faithful” Powerball ticket buyer. When asked if she would take a chance on this week’s mega jackpot, she says her husband has already bought the tickets.

“I never thought this would happen,” she says, “so, who knows?”

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