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Act on Goals, Revise By-laws in OS Council's Future

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
February 28, 2007

After cancelling its scheduled meeting because of the Valentine’s Day snowstorm, the OS Council convened last week for the first time this year. In January, members attended the annual retreat held in lieu of their regular monthly meeting.

Goals set during the retreat were part of the Feb. 21 discussion as chairman Jason Brodeur suggested councilors review the list and find those areas they would like to work on so the ideas can “move forward.”

Some of the suggestions to come out of the retreat included working with HR to develop a work release system that would allow employees time off to do community service, assist with professional development workshops or inter-campus activities such as freshmen orientation or move-in day; holding personal/professional development workshops; and creating a wellness committee that would look at ways to organize UNH employees who share similar interests, i.e., book clubs, hiking, walking, etc.

Performance related ideas addressed evaluation measures for supervisors and developing a training session for work-study students.

Matty Leighton, who represents HHS/Athletics, volunteered to tackle the work-study training sessions.

“They have to be able to represent us,” Leighton said of the student employees. “It maybe just be a work-study job but it’s good training for when they go out in the business world.”

Patrice MacNevin posed the idea of having work-study students who can work anywhere on campus.

In other business, SPPC representative Lonn Sattler gave an overview of an SPPC discussion on longevity pay that look place in November in Concord. While no decisions were made about changing the existing policy, several suggestions were presented including the possibility of competency-based awards; bonuses for workers at the top of their pay scales; adding longevity pay to an employee’s base pay and moving the money to professional development.

Transitioning the current longevity program to a flat dollar amount for everyone based on the number of years of service rather than a percentage of one’s salary was also discussed as was adding those workers with five years and those with more than 30 years employment to the program. The existing policy is for those OS employees who have been at UNH between 10 and 30 years.

“This isn’t going to be voted on in March; it’s a long-range discussion,” Sattler said.

The Operating Council will also begin review of its bylaws which haven’t been revised since May 2000.

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