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Feta Cheese Serves as UNH Ambassador

By Nora Molloy, Speakers Bureau
February 7, 2007

Gale Carey, professor of nutritional science can tell you all about intermediary metabolism and exercise and the origins of extracellular adenosine in adipose tissue. She enjoys worldwide recognition for her work and has been published in leading journals. She has spoken in conferences from Chicago to Copenhagen and has received the COLSA Outstanding Advisor Award and the Jean Brierly Award for Excellence in Teaching. But her latest achievement has taken her out of the lab and out of the classroom to prove the theory that feta cheese can serve as an ambassador to the university.

Carey, in recognition of outreach as an important part of her role at UNH, is an active member of the Speakers Bureau. Early last year, Carey was asked by a relative to provide a presentation on nutrition to a senior center. After spending time creating the presentation and seeing the effect that this basic knowledge can have on the lives of individuals, she expanded her impact by making the presentation available through the Speakers Bureau. Her presentation “Nutritious Foods from Cultures Around the World” is quickly becoming one of the Bureau’s most requested.

In this presentation, Carey takes her audience through Bolivia, Japan, the Middle East, Greece and Arizona discussing different foods. Carey often provides samples for tasting and there is surprise when the audience discovers that feta cheese can be made not only from cow’s milk but also, goat or sheep’s milk and it will taste slightly different each way. It’s this unique illumination on a familiar item that gets people talking.

“Invariably” state Carey, “the discussion oscillates between food and nutrition and the research I do at UNH. Particularly in smaller groups where conversation is easier, I find that people who came to the presentation to learn about nutrition are equally interested in the university, in campus life and what my role is. Outreach becomes half education, half ambassadorship and I enjoy the opportunity to provide both.”

Carey is one of many faculty and staff who contribute to the fulfillment of UNH’s outreach mission through participation with the Speakers Bureau.

“It’s a terrific program and a great opportunity to keep perspective on the impact of the teaching and research we do on campus,” said Carey.

For more information on this program, or to find out more about becoming member of the Speakers Bureau, contact speakers.bureau@unh.edu or call 2-4401.

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