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Peace Award Given to UNH Professor Emeritus

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
December 5, 2007

Dennis Meadows, professor emeritus of systems policy and social science research at UNH, has been awarded the Berlin Peace Clock Award.

Meadows has also been a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College and served as director of various public policy institutes. He has also received the Hungarian Presidential Medal for contributions to international understanding and democracy and the Bellagio Foundation Environmental Education Prize.

The Berlin Peace Clock Award is given to individuals or institutions around the world who “symbolize hope and help to overcome walls dividing classes, races, peoples, nations, cultures, religions, ideologies, parties and human beings from one another.”

They have been given to Pope John Paul, Mother Teresa and George H.W. Bush.

In 1972, Meadows and several co-authors published “The Limits to Growth” which discusses the consequences of an explosive world population and a finite amount of resources. The book was updated in 2004.

In his speech commending Meadows on winning the prestigious award, Achim Steiner, United Nations Undersecretary General and executive director of United Nations Environmental Program, said “When Limits to Growth was penned, the world was living within its means. In 2007 it has become clear that we are now living beyond our means and that the future stability of our planet is now in jeopardy.”

Meadows, who lives in Durham, is co-founder of the Balaton Group, a network of 300 professionals in more than 30 nations involved in systems science, public policy and sustainable development. He has written and co-authored 10 books, which have been translated into more than 30 languages, on systems, futures, and educational games.

He holds a Ph.D. in management from MIT and four honorary doctorates from European universities.

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