October 4, 2006
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Administration and AAUP At Impasse; Provost Stresses Process Continues

The UNH administration announced Oct. 2 that it had reached impasse in contract negotiations with the UNH chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). More >>> (10-04-06)

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UNH Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Five Percent

UNH reduced its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) by five percent from Fiscal Year 2003 to Fiscal Year 2005. More >>> (10-04-06)

Looking for a lunch hotspot? Try the Thompson School

Two weeks ago, Stacy’s Buffet at the Thompson School served New York deli food. Last week it was salads: Waldorf, garden, tri-pasta, chicken Caesar and fruit.
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Museum Exhibit Part of Energy Dialogue

Anyone who has the slightest doubt about small energy-saving practices feeding a larger conservation whole need only walk through “UNH Unplugged: An Exhibition on Energy” now on display at the UNH Museum in Dimond Library. More >>> (10-04-06)

WSBE Launches UNH's First International Degree Program

UNH has launched its first degree program outside of the United States, offering the Master of Science in the Management of Technology to students in Seoul, South Korea. More >>> (10-04-06)

UNH Energy Efficient Purchasing Standard

Here’s the thing about the new Energy Efficient Product Standards recently adopted by UNH: The kinds of goods promoted are those you’re going to use anyway so why not go for the ones that will save energy? More >>> (10-04-06)

Oct. 15 Deadline to Nominate Speaker, Honorary Degree and Award Recipients for 2007 Commencement

There’s still time to nominate candidates to receive honorary degrees or Granite State Awards at the 2007 commencement. Suggestions for commencement speakers are also being sought. More >>> (10-04-06)

Pinup: Dimond Library Makes NH Calendar

New Hampshire’s Department of Cultural Resources recently unveiled its 2007 Living Legacy Calendar in the Map Gallery of the State Library in Concord. More >>> (10-04-06)

Power to the People

A University Dialogue on Energy-Event Schedule More >>> (10-04-06)