September 27, 2006
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Washington State Artist Delivers Cat Sculpture

Matthew Gray Palmer has come a long way from his days of crafting life-size animals out of masking tape and newspapers. Palmer delivered his sculpture almost a year after being selected by the Alumni Association to create the project they had initially talked about in 2002. More >>> (09-27-06)

“Smart” Balloons Carrying UNH-Built Ozone Instrument Probe Gulf Of Mexico Air

Six “smart” balloons, each carrying a state-of-the-art, miniature ozone sensor designed and built by scientists at the University of New Hampshire, recently completed a series of flights measuring levels of the pollutant in the Houston area and over the Gulf of Mexico as part of 2006 Texas Air Quality Study II. More >>> (09-27-06)

Benefits/Services Fair-Oct. 10--Open Enrollment Oct. 1- Oct. 13

The Office of Human Resources is hosting the 2006 Benefits/Services Fair Oct. 10, in the Granite State Room at the MUB, from10 a.m.-2 p.m. Refreshments and give-aways. Raffles throughout the day. More >>> (09-27-06)

24 New England Nonprofit Leaders Receive New Fellowship To Advance Policies That Help Children, Families And Communities

Twenty-four leading practitioners working to improve opportunities for families and communities in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have been awarded Policy Leadership Fellowships by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. More >>> (09-27-06)

Prevention Is In Your Hands: Campaign Promotes Hand Washing To Help Ward Off Infections

Think about how many doorknobs you turn in a day; how many railings you touch going up or down stairs. How many faucets you turn on and off. Then consider how many other people did the same thing before you. And maybe they’d just sneezed. Or wiped their mouth; picked something up off the floor. Or worse. More >>> (09-27-06)

UNH Celebrity Series

The 2006-2007 Celebrity Series presented by the University of New Hampshire continues the tradition of offering world-class artistic variety for the Seacoast area. More >>> (09-27-06)

Gilbane President Discusses Preserving Values Of Family-Owned Business Through The Generations At Next UNH Center For Family Business Event

William J. Gilbane Jr., president and COO of Gilbane Building Company, will discuss how to preserve the legacy and family values of a family-owned business through the generations. More >>> (09-27-06)