Phising Incidents Reported

PCard account and business managers should be aware that a fraudulent email is circulating on the UNH campus from what appears to be Chase. It is NOT from UNH's credit card issuer. DO NOT open or provide any information in response to an email  "From: Chase OnlineSM [] Subject: Customer Survey - Get $20 Reward." If you responded to the fraudulent email please call the PCard credit card provider JP Morgan Chase's customer service at 1-800-316-6056 and also notify Deb Hudson via email at

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April 12, 2006
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Uncovering Sex-Change Secrets Of The Black Sea Bass

In a former cowshed on the edge of the University of New Hampshire campus, David Berlinsky, assistant professor of zoology, peers into a big blue plastic tub. Inside, black sea bass circle slowly in the dim light. The converted barn is now an aquaculture research facility for the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, and home to Berlinsky’s latest research. More >>> (04-12-06)

There's More Than Meets The Eye To Catching A Fly Ball In The Outfield

It looks so simple--catching a fly ball. But of all of the balls hit into the outfield, the straight shot is the most difficult to catch. And if it’s twilight, it’s even worse. More >>> (04-12-06)

Kidder Fund Awards Presented at Annual Pancake Breakfast for the GLBT Community

President Ann Weaver Hart recently presented the annual Kidder Fund Awards to Heather Barber, associate professor of kinesiology; the university’s Financial Aid Office; and students Heather Fauteux and Annie Medeiros. More >>> (04-12-06)

Technology That Measures Sea Level And Helps Predict El Niņo Events Is Improved By New Modeling

A paper published recently in the American Geophysical Union’s Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans shows a method to recover valuable data from the primary tool used for measuring global sea level – satellite radar altimetry. Altimeter data are used, among other benefits, to monitor and predict the occurrence of events such as El Niño and La Niña – a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomena that can alter global weather patterns. More >>> (04-12-06)

Cynthia Van Zandt, Excellence in Teaching
Cynthia Van Zandt

Campus Journal is pleased to feature UNH's 2005 Faculty Excellence winner profiles this spring. This week’s profile is Cynthia Van Zandt, assistante professor of History. There's a certain consuming contemplation Cynthia Van Zandt possesses, as if she always deliberates upon her thoughts and concepts, weighting them with knowledge learned over her lifetime and the lifetimes of those she has studied. More >>> (04-12-06)

UNH 4-H Camps announce discount to UNH Employees

The UNH 4-H Camps are offering a discount to UNH employees for summer 2006. The $50/session discount to UNH employees could add up to a maximum discount of $350 per family at the three camps, Barry Conversation Camp, Bear Hill Camp and Operation Military Camp NH. More >>> (04-12-06)

For Business Students, The New Spring Break Hot Spot Is In The Far East

There’s a new spring break hot spot for career-conscious graduate business students at the University of New Hampshire. Unlike their undergraduate counterparts, they took advantage of the pause in classes recently to meet the leaders of multinational corporations and explore the new global economy first-hand in Shanghai. More >>> (04-12-06)