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Letters to the Editor

Corvey Provides Curtailed Operations Information

As we approach the winter season, I want to remind each of you of the University’s policies and procedures for declaring curtailed operations. Although we hope for a mild winter, we must be prepared for extreme weather situations.

UNH is a walking New England campus. Conditions of roads, parking lots and walks must be adequate for properly attired students, faculty and staff to move about safely within the campus in order to reach destinations and carry out normal activities. We also have many commuter students and operate an extensive bus service. Thus, we must consider road conditions in the surrounding area. The decision to curtail operations is made when the campus is, or is expected to be, unprepared for parking and pedestrian traffic, local road conditions preclude continuation of bus service and/or there are utility and power outages that impact our working environment. Decisions to curtail typically relate to the basic teaching, research, public service and administrative responsibilities of our campus – decisions to curtail athletic and other special events are made and announced separately.

Once we curtail operations, selected radio and television stations, and the UNH Storm Information Line (862-0000) will carry announcements.

When the decision has been made to curtail operations, announcements will be made immediately and will include information about affected work shifts and classes (morning, afternoon and/or evening), the Wildcat Transit bus routes, and Winter Parking Ban, if applicable. Our goal is to make these announcements by 6 a.m. whenever possible. If we curtail during our normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), university departments will be alerted via e-mail, Blackboard, an interdepartmental telephone tree initiated by my office, and the UNH Home Page also will carry the information. Circumstances permitting, we will endeavor to provide three hours advance notice of any curtailment during normal working hours.

Please do not tie up telephone lines by calling administrative offices or the university operators to inquire whether a closing announcement is going to be made. Any decision to curtail will be announced as quickly as possible. Please also understand that some radio and TV stations post our announcements more quickly than others and may use their own sometimes confusing terminology. The UNH Storm Information Line will have the complete information if there is any doubt.

It is important to note that if we curtail operations, Dining Services shifts from their normal schedule to offering brunch from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and dinner from 4:15 to 6:30 p.m.

A declaration of curtailed operations means that only personnel who perform essential support services are required to report to work or to remain at work. Because UNH is a residential campus, regardless of the weather conditions we must continue to provide services to our student population and ensure that our physical plant is properly maintained. If you are unsure whether your position is considered essential in a weather emergency, please check with your supervisor. Employees designated by their supervisors as essential personnel will receive compensatory time for hours worked during curtailed operations. If you are not considered essential, please do not travel to campus.

If we do not declare curtailed operations, all offices are open and all classes are held as scheduled. We must naturally make our determination based on available weather forecasts and the predicted condition of the campus and immediate vicinity. If staff feel that traveling conditions near their home are unsafe, they may choose to take vacation or earned time rather than drive in those conditions. If faculty find it impossible to come to campus, they should make a special effort to contact their students, especially commuter students, so that no one travels to UNH unnecessarily.

UNH will post details on curtailed operations as follows:
UNH Storm Information Line 862-0000.

Radio Stations
WBZ-AM, Boston, 1030 AM
WERZ-FM/WHEB-FM/WMYF-AM/WUBB-FM/WGIN-AM/, Portsmouth, 107.1 FM/100.3 FM/1380 AM/95.3 FM/930 AM/
WQSO-FM/WGIP-AM, 96.7 FM/1540 AM
WHOM-FM/WBLM-FM/WCYY-FM/WCLZ-FM/WJBQ-FM, Portland, 94.9 FM/102.9 FM/94.3 FM/98.9 FM/97.9 FM
WJYY-FM/WNHI-FM, Concord, 105.5 FM/93.3 FM
WKXL-AM/WTPL-FM, Concord, 1450 AM/107.7 FM
WLNH-FM/WBHG-FM/WEMJ-AM/WLKZ-FM, Gilford, 98.3 FM/101.5 FM/1490 AM/105 AM
WOKQ-FM/WSHK-FM, Dover, 97.5 FM/105.3 & 102.1 FM
WOTX-FM, Concord, 102.3 FM
WTSN-AM/WBYY-FM, Dover, 1270 AM/98.7 FM
WUNH-FM, Durham, 91.3 FM
WWNH-AM, Dover, 1340 AM
WZID-FM/WFEA-AM/WQLL-FM, Manchester, 95.7 FM/1370 AM/96.5 FM

Television channels
WBZ-TV, Boston, MA, Channel 4
WCSH-TV, Portland, ME, Channel 6
WMUR-TV, Manchester, NH, Channel 9

Winter Parking Ban
The Winter Parking Ban runs from the first forecasted snowstorm in November or December 1, whichever is earlier, to March 31, and is in effect nightly regardless of weather. During this time parking is prohibited at any time between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. in all but "Weather-Conditional" or "Exempt" lots (see below).

These lots are open and available after midnight on nights when no declared snow emergency is in effect. These lots resume their normal permit requirements at 6:30 the following weekday morning. It is the responsibility of the motorist to ascertain the status of the Weather-Conditional lots (status is posted on signs at entrances to these lots and on a recorded message at 862-1001). The Weather Conditional lots are: Lot C and Lot B.

These lots remain open and available for after-midnight parking, regardless of weather conditions. The Exempt Lots are: All "Resident" lots, with appropriate permit; A-lot Section 4 (rear, nearest to Gables); Visitor Lot and specially-reserved spaces (Hall Director, Dean, H/C, etc. with appropriate permit).

Candace Corvey
Vice President for Finance and Administration



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