Students' Voices

“The University of New Hampshire and its dedicated faculty have given me a high-quality range of learning opportunities. The Mechanical Engineering program has accredited me with the skills and resources to make a difference. Whether you want to directly enter into the industry after graduation or pursue a career in research, the faculty and their unique experiences will undoubtedly help guide you to your goals. The Mechanical Engineering Department at UNH cares about innovation, integrity, high standards and the pursuit of excellence. It’s definitely safe to say that I am proud to be a Wildcat!”

                        -Newell Moser, Class of 2013

“The Mechanical Engineering Department at UNH has truly become my family over the years – their support, knowledge, and affection for us (the students) has been remarkable. I have had wonderful relationships with many of my fellow students, our professors, and teaching assistants. The program itself was well rounded and could be adapted to fit my individual interests. I feel ready to take on my career as a Mechanical Engineer and am so proud to be graduating from UNH.”

                        -Ellen LaMonica, Class of 2013

“The Mechanical Engineering program at UNH has provided me with the fundamental strengths requires to succeed in any career of my choice. Students are exposed to each subject area within Mechanical Engineering and then provided with opportunities to explore their particular topic of choice in depth. The labs within the ME department provide the environment in which complex experiments can be developed and performed with the help of the knowledgeable and friendly faculty. The sense of achievement upon completing the program is something that I will always remember and will help me throughout my career. I am and always will be very proud to call myself a Mechanical Engineering Wildcat!”

                        -Drummond Biles, Class of 2013