Facilities & Resources

Mechanical Engineering Office (Kingsbury W101)

The ME office is open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 and from 1:00 to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Tracey Harvey and Lauren Foxall manage the office. Students are encouraged to contact them during office hours about any concerns or questions.

ME Smith Computer Cluster

The Mechanical Engineering computer cluster is located in room W114. There are a number of PC workstations running SolidWorks and other modern engineering software. The cluster is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Undergraduate Lounge

The undergraduate lounge is located in Kingsbury Hall, room W136. This lounge is available to ME students 24 hours, 7 days per week and offers students a quiet place to work on various assignments.

Department Laboratories

There are several undergraduate laboratories in the department (listed below).
Mr. Sheldon Parent is the supervisor of these laboratories.

Computational Mechanics LabKingsbury Hall, S212
Design & Manufacturing LabKingsbury Hall, S215
Engine Test LabKingsbury Hall, S109 & S109A
ME Fluids LabKingsbury Hall, S113
Systems & Control LabKingsbury Hall, S221
Product Development LabKingsbury Hall, S211
Thermodynamics LabKingsbury Hall, S125
Materials Science LabParsons Hall, N122

Other Facilities

Other laboratory and analysis facilities that are used by the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students and faculty include:

Jere Chase Ocean Engineering Lab24 Colovos Road
CEPS Machine ShopKingsbury Hall, S161


Students who are experiencing academic difficulties can obtain help through a number of tutoring programs. For math courses, the Math Department runs a tutoring program at the Mac Center (see below). The Tau Beta Pi Honor Society also runs a tutoring program which covers many freshmen/sophomore courses.

Help Sessions by the ME Department

The ME Department also employs tutors to help students in chemistry, physics, calculus and sophomore and junior level required courses. Students who need help should contact the ME office.

MaC Center

Bottom of Christensen Hall, Tel. (603)-862-3576

The Math Department offers help with calculus courses. Students are strongly encouraged to seek help with their homework and to ask questions at the MaC Center. The Center normally opens the second week of classes. For more information, contact the MaC Center.

Counseling Center

Smith Hall - 3rd Floor, Tel. (603) 862-2090

See the Counseling Center Web site.

The Center for Academic Resources (CFAR)

Wolff House, Tel. (603)- 862-3698

CFAR Website