M. Robinson Swift, Professor

M. Robinson Swift, Professor

Honors-in-Major Coordinator
Kingsbury Hall W115
(603) 862-1837
(603) 862-1865


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, (Summa Cum Laude), University of New Hampshire, 1974
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1971

Prof. Swift is professionally active in conducting research in ocean engineering. Projects include work in oil spill response engineering, compliant ocean structures, estuarine tidal dynamics and non-point source pollution. He has often offered senior projects in these areas thereby including undergraduates in the research and development experience.

Prof. Swift's teaching activities have generally been in the mechanics and ocean engineering areas. At the present time he is teaching ME 526 - Mechanics II, and regularly offers ME 7/827 - Advanced Mechanics of Solids, and OE 7/854, Ocean Waves and Tides, ME 922 - Continuum Mechanics, ME 926, Theory of Elasticity,, OE 954 - Ocean Waves and Tides II, and OE 956 - Dynamics of Moored Systems are given on an alternative year basis. He is coordinator of Ocean Projects - Tech 797 - a senior design course alternative that offers financial support for projects in the marine area. He also serves as the Honors-in-Major coordinator for Mechanical Engineering.

Research Areas


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