A Year of Service in Review

After going through many challenges this year our fraternity has been able to pull together and accomplish so many great things in the area of service this year. To begin the year, we had numerous small jobs, ones that we take on every year. These jobs include helping at football games to make sure that the marching band is staffed properly to have an effective performance during saturday games. We also help 9 indiviual music professors with tasks to help improve their ensembles. Anything from staffing a concert to helping set-up/break down of ensembles, copying parts, and volunteering to play extra parts that are unable to be covered by students already in the ensemble.

While these tasks are something that we pride ourselves in a lot we always bring service to another level at Iota Phi and try to make sure we're planning as many opportunities as we can handle. Some of our bigger events this year inculded a winter soltice concert. We performed a small concert with an ensemble consisting of mostly brothers with a few fellow musicians from UNH. Brother Kurt Schweiss, #88, hosted our ensemble at his school in Derry New Hampshire. During our school break Iota Phi volunteered to staff "Double Reed Day" at UNH, which is a event that highlights double reed instruments and has guests artists and masterclasses throughout a whole day. Along with Double Reed Day our chapter volunteered to staff the "Clark Terry Jazz Festival" which is held anually at UNH. Our chapter did everything from move items for bands to being announcers for individual performance rooms and even had a brother perform with the UNH Jazz Band and it's guest artists. These two events alone took a lot of planning.

On top of doing all of these events we also perform a lot of manual service that has required the hard work of many individual brothers. Throughout the year our chapter has been renovating a closet which houses instruments used by the pep band, Marching band and concert bands. Our MC class is doing a project to construct and repair new trap tables for concert ensembles, along with a movable container to house them in. We are looking into more work on refabricating the floors of some of the lockers in the music department, building a storage device for concert cymbals, and having a instrument repair day once the pep band season is over.

We have had a lot going on this year and it has always amazed me how much our chapter is able to accomplish and that I am always greatful to have such a large chapter where everyone does their best to lend a helping hand when they can. After this year of work myself and the rest of our chapter look forward to improving the service we do now and every year and continue to plan more large service events and strive for the highest!

Ian Nelson
#160 Omega "Purple Casanova"
VPS 2012-13

Iota Phi MC Report

The Alpha Gamma class is an adventure. We started off with 11 MCs and now we are down to 7. Our class consists of Dom Defrancisco as President. Nick Dargy is his big. Their Vice President is Katie Walden who’s big is Kara Larochelle. Julia Lombardo is a junior and is the class Treasurer. Her big is Katrina Walczyk. Ian Nelson is the big to the secretary, Ashley Paradis. She is a sophomore. Carli Barnes is also a sophomore. Victoria Ritchie is her big brother. Justin Gamache is the little to Chris O’Donoghue. Allison is the only MC who wasn’t in marching band but really felt a passion to rush. Her big is Danie Blevens.

The dynamics of this class is great. They seem to be doing a great job working together solving problems. Their paddles look amazing! Everyone is doing such a wonderful job being a big and a little! I hope things continue to go up and “if and when” the Alpha Gamma class will make great brothers!

Brittney Beland
#175 AA "Laugh Attack"
VPM 2012-13

Casey Goodwin Speeds into Governor Position

The Northeast District of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Fraternity for College Band Members, welcomes Casey (Speed) Goodwin to the position of District Governor, alongside longtime District Governor Marie Burleigh.

Goodwin became a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi in Spring 1998 in the Iota Phi (University of New Hampshire) Chapter. When asked why she wanted to join Kappa Kappa Psi, she said, "It was never a question in my mind. Anything band-related that I could do, I was going to do it." While at UNH for her undergraduate career, she served as Drum Major of the Wildcat Marching Band, as well as Student Conductor of the Beast of the East Pep Band. She returned to UNH shortly thereafter to pursue her MA degree. During her graduate career, she served as Assistant Conductor for the UNH Wind Symphony She was also a staff member for the UNH Wildcat Marching Band, performing duties such as arranging music, writing drill, and running rehearsals, as well as conducting in the UNH Beast of the East Pep Band. Upon receiving her degree in 2006, she became the Director of Athletic Bands at the University of New Hampshire; a position she continues to hold today.

The Iota Phi Chapter is proud to be represented at the District level and wishes #52 the best of luck as she continues to strive for the highest!

Louis Mariano
#192 AB "Puffelin'"

Iota Fly News

MC's, Honoraries, and More

We are three weeks into the spring semester and already things are getting busy for the Iota Phi chapter! We are preparing for many upcoming events to be hosted here at UNH; these include the NHMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival, the Clark Terry Jazz Festival, and several Celebrity Series. We also are planning a few fundraisers for our chapter, such as a Black Ops/Super Smash Brothers Brawl video game tournament and the third annual Rock Royale. Our Treasurer, Josh, has also designed T-shirts bearing the names of UNH’s concert ensembles, which will be sold to all interested members.

The Alpha Alpha class’ membership education process is going well so far. They had a very successful bake sale fundraiser a few weeks ago where they raised over $50 for the chapter! Their service project is coming up soon- they will be refurbishing and reorganizing the drum closet in the PCAC. Though they have lost a few members along the way, the class has stayed focused, and they continue to learn and grow together on their quest for further enlightenment.

On Sunday, we welcomed two Honorary brothers: Sean Giardino and Dave Seiler. They were recognized for their love of music and outstanding service to the UNH music department. Congratulations Sean and Dave!

Amanda Morris
"Garden State Girl" #155 Psi
2010-11 VPM

Fall Update

This semester (Fall 2010) has been a busy semester for both the Iota Phi chapter and the UNH Bands. The Wildcat Marching Band has finished up its regular season. This year's highlight was probably performing at the first annual "Colonial Clash," the first ever college football game played at Gillette Stadium against UMass. We were able to meet and perform with several other chapters this year through marching band: The Theta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Rhode Island during our away trip, the Kappa Gamma chapter at Lehigh University at a home football game, and the Epsilon Nu chapter at UMass, our big brother chapter, at the Gillette game.

Concert ensembles also had a productive semester, with the Wind Symphony saying goodbye to 13 seniors, the largest hit the group has taken in many years. 2 senior spots will need to be filled in symphonic band, and 4 seniors will leave concert band this semester.

The Iota Phi chapter has worked dilligently for the bands this fall. We helped to fund leadership days for WMB Band Camp, painted music department stands, gave some bulletin boards in the PCAC a makeover, and several other small projects. We are currently rehearsing for our annual "Solstice in Song" concert, which will take place on December 12th at 11AM at Chester Academy (Chester, NH) where alumnous brother Kurt Schweiss teaches.

We recently gained 12 enthusiastic membership candidates, members of the Alpha Alpha class:

  • Brian Fanning
  • Brittney Beland
  • Emily Calhoun
  • Leah Desrochers
  • Josh Brown
  • Nick Dargy
  • Julie Graichen
  • Sean Gribbin
  • Heather Guilfoyle
  • Connor McGrath
  • Colin Milmore
  • Nate Seguin

On behalf of the Iota Phi chapter, I wish you a happy holiday season.

Kristina Looney
#138 X "DOOBAH"

Website Under Construction

Inventory is posted for all active brothers. The link is posted under the "links" section of the yahoo group.

The website will be undergoing some major changes in the coming weeks. Do not hesitate to check back for news concerning not only the website but also the Brotherhood. A digital family tree, a flickr site, and an updated blog.

The right sidebar contains links to the individual blog posts where you can comment on the stories. When more posts are up, I will include a link to all of the recent stories.


A Quick Update

I sincerely apologize for the lack of recent posts, here is a brief overview of the past semester.

In fraternal news, we recently added 12 new Brothers to our chapter here at Iota Phi. Their road was long and hard but we believe that they will be great additions to our already strong chapter!

Our dual service project and fundraiser, Rock Royale, occured on March 27th. 'Raising Anchors' was crowned the winner over 'Dusty and the Know' by a single vote.

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 officers! They were elected two weeks ago and installed last week. This past meeting was their first full meeting as the officers of our chapter. This week, the new chairs for the 2010-2011 school year were also named.

Aiden Durocher
"Phoenix" #149 Psi