Emily Calhoun
"Tranquil Counsel"

April 20, 1990

Joined Kappa Kappa Psi:
Alpha Alpha Spring 2011

Big Brother:
Daniel Merselis


Number of years in a band:
11 years

Bands involved with:
WMB, Concert Band, and Pep Band.

Home Town:
Bloomsburg, Pa


Graduation Date:
May 2012

Why Did You Join Kappa Kappa Psi:
I joined Kappa Kappa Psi because I knew it would give me the opportunity to make wonderful friends who love band as much as I do. I also wanted the opportunity to give back to bands.

Interesting Tid Bits:
Cephalopods are my favorite animals, and no Dan its not because they're cute, its because they're awesome.

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