Aiden Durocher

Webmaster 09-12
Psi Class President

September 23, 1990

Joined Kappa Kappa Psi:
Psi Spring 2009

Big Brother:
Cameron Kane

Little Brother:
Lindsay Moulton


Number of years in a band:

Bands involved with:
Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Percussion Ensemble, Muchachos, & Spartans

Home Town:
Manchester, NH

Music Education

Graduation Date:
May 2013

Why Did Aiden Join Kappa Kappa Psi?:
Because someone told me what it was all about. To think I almost didn't because I was sick of being pressured into it.

Interesting Tid Bits:
My big tried to throw me off in the beginning by giving me a can of tuna. My brother name was almost Tunamilk.

Where is Aiden now?:
Probably working on the site ;)

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