Erin Morrissey

Vice-President of Membership 2005-2006, Alumni Secretary 2004-2005, & Sigma Class President


July 23, 1984


Joined Kappa Kappa Psi:
Sigma Spring 2004


Big Brother:
Alfred Ortelt


Little Brother:
Christine Kaminske




What grade did you start band:
3rd Grade


Bands involved with:
Marching Band and Pep Band


Home Town:
Montague, MA


English Teaching


Graduation Date:


Why Did You Join Kappa Kappa Psi:
Because I wanted to make friends and help the UNH bands, because music is the best!


Interesting Tid Bits:
I love doing community theater, and one of my favorite shows I've been in was The Producers, where I got to be a showgirl with a giant bratwurst on my head.


What are they doing now:
I'm working as a proofreader and living in Western Mass with my love and our two kitties!


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