Erin Morehouse

Secretary 2001-2002
Treasurer 1999-2000

February 15, 1980

Joined Kappa Kappa Psi:
Iota Fall 1998

Big Brother:
Casey (Speed) Goodwin

Little Brothers:
Kendra Dudley

Bari & Alto Saxophone

Number of years in a band:
11 years.

Bands involved with:
Marching & Symphonic Bands

Home Town:
Amherst, NH


Graduation Date:

Why did Erin join KKPsi:
I enjoy helping out with the bands in all of my other schools and people in band are great people to have as friends.

Interesting Tid Bits:
I love the Power Puff Girls and traveling and Monet and being outside on a nice day. Hockey, baseball, soccer, and football are my favorite sports to watch. I really like to play softball. I also rarely wear my own clothes. With 5 roommates, I have a lot of clothes to choose from.

Where is Erin now?:
I am currently a research technician in an immunology lab at the Boston University School of Medicine in the South End of Boston, MA. I am looking around for groups to play in, because I miss playing my sax. I am also learning to sail, and doing lots of other fun things in and around the Boston area.

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