Terri (St.Onge) Downing

Vice President of the Colony 1992-1993, Vice President of Membership 1993-1994, President 1994-1995


August 23, 1972


Joined Kappa Kappa Psi:
Colonist - uhm your site says May 8, 1993, so I guess that is when it was! It's hard to get old....


Big Brother:


Little Brother:
Becky (Wolk) Coughlin, Deb Casey, & Michael Brindamour


Piccolo, Cymbals, Pit Percussion


Number of years in a band:
10 years


Bands involved with:
WMB, Hockey Pep Band and that one weird year of traveling Pep Band (go Mario Cuomo!)


Home Town:
none really, but let's go with Nashua, NH


History and Sociology


Graduation Date:
May 1995


Interesting Tid Bits:
Hmmmm good question! Joining as a Colonist, I didn't really have a good idea of what the whole thing was about. I knew that I loved the WMB and I was interested in helping the band in whatever way I could. Other colonists can tell you I was a bit lukewarm about the whole thing at first - then I went to Districts in Syracuse and really GOT what the whole thing was about. Everyone should travel and talk with other chapters - it was the most amazing thing I did.


What are they doing now:
Living in Keene NH with my husband George (Iota Phi Honorary Brother #21) and expecting our first child in November (2004). I'm the Coordinator of Advising at Franklin Pierce College over here in Rindge NH. No Marching Band here at FPC unfortunately :( However, I am constantly amazed at how often I use skills that I gained in KKPsi - I understand all the silly parts of the Faculty Meetings when they are debating whether or not they just voted to call the vote, or just voted on the actual motion - I can help clubs on campus who are just starting out and don't know what steps to take first - I can work with a large group of people and know that I don't always have to agree with them, but I do have to respect them - I could go on and on. What a fabulous experience it was!


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