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Casino Management (HMGT 777)

100% online course

Credits 4.0

To explore the history of gambling, its economic and social impact including problem gambling, casino management and politics, international and national gaming destinations, the gaming regulation, the statistics of the games, the marketing aspect of gaming and several other current topics. No minimum age requirement/No pre-requisites.

Instructor Bio: Valentini Kalargyrou, Ph.D.

Meet the faculty and watch a video introduction of this new course.

Questions about the course? E-mail: Valentini.kalargyrou@unh.edu

Questions for Valentini Kalarhyrou, Ph.D.

How does teaching this class online change your approach?

I am able to use more audio-visual materials and post current events that spark interest for discussions and make teaching and learning more effective. Through blogs and discussion activities students are able to voice their opinion and share their knowledge and perceptions.

Why should students be interested in this subject matter?
Gaming is one of the fastest growing and exciting industries in the world, creating a plethora of employment opportunities nationally and internationally. In the United States, gaming revenue is approximately 90 billion dollars and this will considerably increase since online gambling was recently legalized. Massachusetts is in the process of building four new casinos and New Hampshire is still considering one. This class will give you the necessary skills to understand the different types of gaming, including integrated casino resorts and create awareness about problem gambling.

Do you have a philosophy about learning?
I consider myself a DEACON (=diakonos) that in ancient Greek means servant.
Development: according to learners’ capability and maturity. My aim is to develop students from dependent learners to independent ethical workers. You will only remember 50% of what you see and hear and 90% of what we teach each other through the Socratic Method*. So, it is important to learn by doing.
Enthusiasm: This is a prerequisite to success in general and it is contagious!
A student: All students have the potential to be “A” students as long as they follow the syllabus.
Commitment: to my subject matter and my students. Commitment to my subject matter is achieved through research, and keeping in touch with the industry. Commitment to my students is about being a good teacher inside and outside the classroom and by providing my students with opportunities like field trips, internships and other employment opportunities.
Open mind: We are living in a dynamic world with globalization being an important characteristic; so I always keep an open mind to change. You are encouraged to provide me with constructive criticism and new ideas on teaching methods, teaching material and more. An odds and ends envelope will be placed outside my office for suggestions and constructive criticism.
Nurturing: by supporting and encouraging ALL students. I do not discriminate and play favorites by setting clear and measurable expectations.