Create an Annual Activity Report with Digital Measures

Create an Annual Activity Report with Digital Measures

Quick Start: Create your annual activity report in Digital Measures

The Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) system, Digital Measures Activity Insight, lets faculty add, update, and report on their teaching, research, scholarship, and service activities.  FAR also brings together data from other sources such that faculty do not have to manually enter all their information.

The basic steps to create an annual activity report are:

  1. Begin with an up-to-date CV
  2. Verify your information already inside Digital Measures from sources such as Banner systems is correct.
  3. Request that any incorrect information you cannot edit be corrected by completing this form.
  4. Add your own activity information (your publications, etcetera) to Digital Measures as described below.
  5. Generate a PDF version of your annual report for.

Creating the Annual Activity Report

Note: Before you begin, gather any materials you will need to update your annual activities. Ideally, this would include your updated CV in Word, PDF or text file format. This will be helpful to you because you can easily copy from your CV and paste information throughout Digital Measures.

Note: An overview of the screens within Digital Measures that are typically the most important for faculty is here.

  1. Log in to Blackboard at
  2. In Blackboard, under "UNH - Faculty Activity Reporting," click the link to connect to Digital Measures.
  3. In Digital Measures, update your activities. 
  4. Click Manage Your Activities at any time to return to the Activities Database Main Menu.